Academic Drawing

In this thread, I intend to share my experiences while getting into the practice of drawing. Displayed here are some of the behind-the-scenes of my experiments and the final results, as I attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the process.

the roman emperor

The last drawing from the art school was a test on replicating an object in front of me using the obtained knowledge of the fundamentals. The main focus was to do the linework with a little shading to show the contrast and the volume.


My third drawing is a self-portrait. I sat in front of the mirror and was only moving my eyes to look at my face. This is the most unusual experiment I have done so far because it challenges not only the drawing ability but also patience and stamina. I learned a great lesson of completely erasing things that are incorrect and starting all over again. This got me very familiar with my own facial features and gave me a solid understanding of facial symmetry and proportion.

facial anatomy

My second drawing from the art school was based on a muscular realistic sculpture of a man’s head. The challenge was not to identify an object but to observe it and see distinct parts and shapes. I learned basic facial proportions and got more insights about shading techniques, and the importance of contrast.

the vase

This is the very first drawing from my only semester at Art Palette School. The challenge was to get comfortable with trusting my own measurements and using tools the right way. I got familiar with dividing and building a complex object out of simple shapes, shading techniques, and paying attention to the small details.

charcoal #1

I got in love with charcoal as a medium. This is one of my very first experiments, where I tried to overlap the layers to create a smooth shading.