The Artist's Way Book

As I go through a twelve-week course, I am going to share my experiences and discoveries in this thread. The book sets a range of challenges that lead to a more honest and conscious way of creating art, as well as working as a creative.

week 1: recovering a sense of safety

The very first week’s chapter initiates the creative recovery. It aims at allowing me to establish a sense of safety, which will enable me to explore my own creativity with less fear. It covers topics such as protecting the artist's inner child, avoiding the core negative believes, and introduces the use of affirmations, the morning pages, and the artist's date.

I am supposed to write at least 700 words every morning. There is no topic, it is just freestyle writing that is led by a stream of sequential or absolutely random thoughts.

During my first week, I managed to write 7/7 morning pages. I did not find this concept groundbreaking. However, I admit that it works perfectly for setting my mind straight for the entire day. It helped to keep my focus on the most important things and invest my time and effort into them.

In addition, as an artist date, I chose to go do some street photography. It was an exciting experience, without a time limit and a precise plan, that helped me to get back into this hobby.

week 2: recovering a sense of identity

The second week addresses self-definition as a major component of creative recovery.

This week I did 6/7 morning pages. It was challenging to find the right time for it. I discovered that 15 minutes is not enough for me. For the following weeks, I would like to try keeping an hour for this activity by sacrificing some sleep. So, I can write as much as I wish.

In most cases, I use them to run through the upcoming day - get into details on how I am going to do things. Overall, my mood was set from the early morning if I did morning pages.

The artist's date has changed since the last week. I started going to the gym, and that was my event of the week. I retrieved this idea from one of the ten exercises that are given at the end of each week.

week 3: recovering a sense of power

The third chapter talks about the recovery of the sense of power. It asks me to look back at previously accepted limits, and consciously question my own open-mindedness.

This week I managed to complete 6/7 morning pages. It becomes difficult to keep on going through the week if my Monday morning pages are skipped. It definitely sets the tone for the entire week and helps to prioritize essentials over anything else.

I am happy that I have not missed any artist’s dates yet. It gives me a good amount of me-time apart from close people and current problems.

This week’s reading mentions the concept of synchronicity, and how important it is not to miss out on an opportunity that you just recently dreamed of. Just recently, I started paying more attention to those parallels between my wishes and the current circumstances that I am into. It appears to be that most wishes could be brought to life within a short period of time with only a few adventurous steps.

week 4: recovering a sense of integrity

The fourth chapter is about the recovery of the sense of integrity. It asks me to question my own self-awareness and dive into productive introspection and integration of a possible renovation of it.

This week I did 7/7 morning pages. A few of them were written in a big rush and not very properly. I accidentally found out that I misused the time and started perceiving the overall concept with the wrong intentions. It became a daily planner, instead of a thought dump. Surprisingly, it immediately felt like something is different. It was still easy to go through the day, but it felt heavy when it came to creating. I lacked the same open-mindedness, clarity, and confidence, that was present only a week ago. Looking forward to fixing it in the following weeks.

week 5: recovering a sense of possibility

The fifth chapter goes into examining my own possibilities by placing limits on the good I can receive. It examines the cost of settling for appearing good instead of being authentic.

This week I did 7/7 morning pages. Since I was trying to do it more consciously than the last week, I experienced the same help and affirmation. It still has some portion of a daily planner, but it primarily serves as a thought dump. There is a tendency that truth comes out only after writing a page full of waste and nonsense. Now, I can see that it was there throughout the entire five-week run.

I skipped my artist’s date this week, and I missed it a lot. At this point, it seems to be a necessity.

The topic of this week’s reading helped me to look more honestly at my own fears of not being enough to accomplish things that I am striving for. At the moment, it looks silly. Probably, it is just a matter of staying present and not letting doubts intervene in my action and decision-making.

week 6: recovering a sense of abundance

This week’s chapter tackles a major creative block – money. It asks me to look at my own ideas around God, money, and creative abundance. Also, it explores the ways in which attitude limits abundance and luxury in current life.

During this week I managed to do 7/7 morning pages. Even after 6 weeks, it is not a habit yet, but it does feel like a necessity. My artist date was just a city exploration. It is great to let myself just observe and get familiar with locations around me since it is non-related activity and helps to distract from first-priority business.

Morning pages help me to get stuff done and not have things falling off my hands. This week was busy and rich with events, but I still managed to do all my routine work on top of that. At the moment, I am preparing to apply for the junior graphic design position, which brings a lot of unreasonable doubts and raises fears. Morning writing helps to keep it clean and focused.

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