Via D'Oro

… is a high-end, luxury, online jewelry retailer. Specializing in fine jewelry, handcrafted in Italy using only the highest quality materials, precious stones, and solid 18k gold.

Their target market is sophisticated women between the ages of 30 and 50 looking to elevate their everyday wardrobe.

The client is looking for something different from other jewelry brands on the market. They want something fresh but refined to differentiate their brand from their competitors. As long as the brand remains luxurious and elegant, they are open to something more experimental.

Keywords: cosmopolitan, luxurious, refined.

brand strategy

Mission Statement:

We look at luxury as an opportunity to be true and authentic. People that come to us, are not coming for the glamour, they are enabling elegance.


Heavily inspired by Italian culture and traditions.


High-quality, designed, and hand-crafted Italian jewelry; a sense of diverse community of people with similar tastes, social status, and values.


Cultural connection to the country of the owner family’s origin - Italy; a sense of sophistication that is backed up by rich history and traditions.

Value Proposition:

The product that pushes you to enable your own elegance.

Tone of Voice:

Our tone of voice is inclusive, elegant, and classic.


English (Primarily); French (Secondary); Italian (Additional)


Cosmopolitan society; sophisticated women aged 30-50 y.o; with income $80k - $120k per year; college/university degree.

The Story:

The legacy of the ‘Via D’Oro Fine Jewelry’ began in 2002 with its immigrant founder family, Di Flumeri. It is a family of varied tastes, well-traveled, and fluent in several languages. The natural curiosity of family members, made them observe the society, its culture, and preferences. The most up-and-coming member of the family, Alissa, started to acquire stones, jewels, and materials to start a small business in Toronto.Today, ‘Via D’Oro Fine Jewelry’ is a boutique that is seen as a reference point for elegance, luxury, and diversity throughout the country. Also, it received the honor of being named after a street in Rome, where little Alissa got her first neckless as a kid.


Name: Nadiah Wan
Age: 37 yo.
Education: UofT Bachelor of Architecture
Income: $100,000 per year
Interests: Pets, pet-friendly travel,premium local businesses
Accommodation: Toronto, the downtown area

Nadiah is a married woman with two almost-grown kids. She is busy, but has her life planned out and totally sorted. Her social circle is females who value their independence as an individual but have traditional views regarding the family. Nadiah is likely to be found in a glamorous and trendy part of the city but has her unique premium local favorites.

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