'Weird Beard Brew Co.' Web-Concept

This is a concept of a website for the craft beer pub from the United Kingdom. I created a responsive layout of a homepage for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. In addition, I redesigned an existing logo and merchandise.

desktop / tablet / mobile

I was trying to stick to the already established pub’s ‘weird vibe’. However, I brought a modern look and a sense of unity to the design. All the content and sections are taken from the original webpage.

before redesign

The original design has many issues: creative, but non-resizable and over-complicated logo; the website lacks user-friendliness and has too many typefaces and styles of illustrations. Overall, it does not have a sense of unity, looks outdated, and is confusing for the user.

new logo / merchandise

I used some elements from the redesigned logo to create illustrations that would help to enhance the overall look and create a sense of solid branding.

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